Amer. Potash

American Potash & Chemical

West Hanover, Massachusetts

ALSO KNOWN AS: National Fireworks Ordnance Corp.

National Northern Div.

1959 - 1961

DOE Office of Health, Safety and Security Website:

American Potash & Chemical conducted uranium metal shaping and uranium-magnesium explosive forming studies for Union Carbide Nuclear Corporation, Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The tests done up to May, 1961 were performed with 430 stainless steel and uranium metal pieces. Work was also done with green and sintered uranium-based powders. The powders were formed in a die into discs approximately 4½ inches in diameter and 1 inch thick.


Documentation reviewed does not specify the exact period activities began.

It should be noted that the “430” above describes the type of stainless steel not the number of pieces handled.

Although there is no radiological survey data available for review, documentation that only test quantities of radioactive materials were handled, with safety oversight involved, establishes that the potential for residual contamination outside the listed period is remote.


Sources of information reviewed during this evaluation included:

DOE Office of Health, Safety and Security Website

AEC Memorandum; Davis to Poison; Subject: Explosive Forming; May 1, 1961.

Elimination Report for American Potash and Chemical



Documentation reviewed indicates that there is little potential for significant residual contamination outside of the period in which weapons-related production occurred.


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