B-15 Beverly

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This was an operational Ajax Nike Missile site from 1957 - 1964.  Types of missiles:  Nike 1B, 2C/30A/12L-A.

Nike-Ajax site used as Nike Site by Active Army Mar 57 to Aug 59, MA ARNG Aug 59 to Jan 64. Scheduled initial construction completion was May 56 but delayed until Mar 57.

Btry A, 605th AAA Missile BN (Nike) (Continental)
Mar 57-Oct 58
redesignated (NIKE AJAX) Apr 58
redesignated as below Oct 58
Btry A, 1st Msl BN (Nike Ajax), 57th Artillery
Oct 58-Jun 60
Btry C, 2d Msl BN (Nike Ajax), 241st Artillery
Aug 59- Aug 62
Btry C, 1st Msl BN (Nike Ajax), 241st Artillery
Aug 62- Jan 64

The IFC was on Brimbal Hill Road just north of Rte 128 near the present site of the Beverly Reservoir on top of Brimbal Hill.

The launcher and administrative area was at Beverly Airport.

Current status:
Launcher/Admin Area has been used since  1991 by  FEMA’s MATF-01 Urban Search and Rescue Team. IFC area was abandoned and is obliterated. The Housing Area was a US Coast Guard Housing Area but may now be under municipal use.

Photos courtesy of Mass Task Force.

One of the three Beverly Ajax missile batteries.

Fueling a Nike Ajax with Fuming Red Nitric Acid.

Command change, 1959.

Empty missle launch rails.  At least one of the three missile batteries at the site was normally kept ready to launch on 15
minute warning with the missiles on the rails above
ground.  Missiles at the other two launchers would often be
left protected in the underground missile battery.

Entrance to the Beverly Nike site adjacent to the Beverly Airport.

Riding the elevator.

Image of the underground missile magazine.

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