B-21DC Ft. Heath

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ARADCOM deployed the AN/FSG-1/Missile Master Radar at Ft. Heath in Winthrop, MA with the site designation B-21H. This command was later deactivated to site PR-69 in Coventry, RI, where the initial radar installation was the AN/GSG-5.

This US Army Missile Master (MM) site using an FAA-operated ARSR-1 long-range radar supported the Boston Defense Area Nike anti-aircraft missile operations, and was tied into the USAF Air Defense Command network in 1961. Two AN/FPS-6B height-finder radars were added for the Air Force, attended by the 820th AC&W Squadron. [The Army also operated two AN/FPS-6A radars.] The site was removed from the ADC network in 1962. The Army continued to use the radar facility until 1966 when the Nike control center there was deactivated. The FAA continued operating the ARSR-1 radar of the former Fort Heath -- renamed Winthrop, MA -- until the mid to late 1990s. When the FAA assumed control of the new ARSR-4 JSS radar at North Truro, MA, on outer Cape Cod, the ARSR-1 was deactivated. 

The Boston Defense Area merged with Hartford & Providence Defense Areas in 1962, becoming the New England Defense Area. The Ft. Banks Missile Master was replaced by a Missile Mentor in early 1965; the site closed later that same year. The FAA radar at Winthrop (i.e., the former Ft. Heath) was deactivated in the mid or late 1990s, after North Truro AFS on Cape Cod became a joint-use site with an ARSR-4.



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