B-36 Ft. Duvall/Hull

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This facililty was operated from Jan 1956 - Apr 1974.
Missile types, both Ajax and Hercules:  Nike 2B/12H, 20A/8L-U.

The IFC area was on Little Hog Island off Hull which is connected by causeway to the mainland. Fort Duvall was an old coast artillery post on Little Hog Island. Today the site is an upscale condo complex. The Launcher area was in North Weymouth across Hingham Bay from Hull and is today Webb State Park and the Weymouthport condo complex. Housing was not at Squantum NAS but at a local housing area that was only closed in the early 90s.

Launch site 1 mile East of Hull,
located on Upper Neck, now Webb State Park/South Shore Association for Retarded Citizens (Mess Hall, EM Barracks and Missile Test & Assembly Building remain, pits buried but vents & ducts are visible.

Aerial Images of the Launcher area, c. 1959.

Contributor "Gil" writes:

The website is very interesting. I had no idea that there were so many Nike sites in the US. It's a learning experience to look at everything on the site. My world was very isolated because I had limited interaction with the  military personnel that operated the sites. We did provide first aid support for all scheduled fuelings. Area wide we provided first aid & ambulance transportation to Chelsea Naval Hospital which was the nearest military medical facility. Most of the time I was on the road or choppered onto sites for sanitary inspection of mess halls, barracks & leaching fields. We also were called upon when there were venereal disease or other contagious diseases. When a new site was being built I had to inspect leaching fields, etc. Strangely enough I was responsible for gathering the info that was posted on the famous OFF LIMIT LISTS. This meant meeting with local law enforcement officials to determine known brothels & bar rooms that were known for fights, etc. I met with local or state health inspectors who gave me the list of restaurants & bars that constantly violated sanitary codes. When I had to go to sites in Rhode Island I was billeted with the Navy. It is true that the Navy gets the gravy & Army gets the beans. Lots of other things  kept me on the go. As I mentioned before I only knew one other MSC Officer eventually stationed in MA. I would really like to find out if there were other Medical Detachments assigned to NIKE & get in touch with any medical personnel assigned to NIKE!
Getting back to Ft Duval/Hog Island, did anyone know that the fort had two underground levels? There were huge areas for ammunition storage & supplies & equipment. There was even a barred area to temporarily house any captured enemy personnel. (probably never used). Because the underground was cool during the Summer & reasonably warm during the Winter we built an "illegal tavern", which I believe was named The Chowder & Marching Club.  
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