CG Sargent

C. G. Sargent & Sons

Graniteville, Massachusetts


FACILITY DESCRIPTION: DOE Office of Health, Safety and Security Website:

C.G. Sargents and Sons Company performed extruder and drying oven tests with thorium for National Lead of Ohio (Fernald). It also conducted a uranium sump cake drying test for NLO. These were apparently one-time tests.


Documentation reviewed described two separate tests that were performed, both involving drying of thorium compounds. One test was performed from February 12 through February 14, 1968. The other was performed November 18 through November 20, 1968. This documentation states that limited quantities of materials were processed and radiological monitoring was implemented during the activities. Trip reports for both tests document that all contaminated materials were packaged and removed and that all potentially contaminated surfaces were decontaminated to background levels immediately following each test. These six days of operation are the only periods in which radiation exposure is likely.


Sources of information reviewed during this evaluation included:

 DOE Office of Health, Safety and Security Website

Radiological Surveys C.G. Sargent and Sons

Trip Report CG Sargent's Sons Corporation February 12-14, 1968

Trip Report CG Sargent's Sons Corporation November 19-20, 1968



Documentation reviewed indicates that there is little potential for significant residual contamination outside of the period in which weapons-related production occurred.

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