Chapman Valve Works
203 Hampshire Street , Indian Orchard , Massachusetts

The Chapman Valve Site, located in Indian Orchard, Massachusetts, is privately owned. Interior surfaces of a former building at this site were contaminated in 1948 by machining of uranium metal for the Manhattan Engineer District and the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission to support Brookhaven National Laboratory defense-related projects.

DOE designated the site for remediation under FUSRAP in 1992. Remediation was completed in 1995. DOE certified that the site conformed to applicable cleanup criteria and standards and released the property for unrestricted use. The building was subsequently demolished, leaving only the concrete slab.

No supplemental limits or institutional controls are in effect at the site, and DOE does not require on-site monitoring or surveillance. Legacy management activities consist of managing site records and responding to stakeholder inquiries.


Chapman Valve

Indian Orchard, Massachusetts

ALSO KNOWN AS: Chapman Valve Manufacturing Co.

Crane Co.

TIME PERIOD: 1948-1949;

Residual Radiation 1950-1994;

DOE -1995 (remediation)

FACILITY DESCRIPTION: DOE Office of Health, Safety and Security Website:

Chapman Valve supplied valves to the MED and the AEC. In 1948, Chapman Valve machined uranium rods into slugs for the Brookhaven National Laboratory. Uranium slugs were used as reactor fuel. Chapman may also have conducted rolling operations on uranium metal in 1949. Bechtel National, Inc., with Interstate Nuclear Services and Thermo Nutech as subcontractors, performed remediation in 1995 as part of the Formerly Utilized Site Remediation Action Program (FUSRAP)


Documentation indicates that a radiological survey was performed at this site in 1991 with uranium contamination identified on floors, walls and overhead beams. Remediation actions were undertaken and a verification survey was completed in 1995 and confirmed that the remedial actions were successful in decontaminating the plant to applicable guidelines for unrestricted use.


Sources of information reviewed during this evaluation included:


DOE Office of Health, Safety and Security Website


Results of the Independent Radiological Survey at the Former Chapman Valve Company; Issued July 1992


Results of the Independent Radiological Survey at the Former Chapman Valve Manufacturing Company; Issued May 1997



Documentation reviewed indicates that there is a potential for significant residual contamination outside of the period in which weapons-related production occurred.


1950 - 1994


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