Government Facilities

Elsewhere on this site you will see Cold War facilities owned and operated by Business and Industry and by the military.  This page and the associated links document CW facilities which were built by the federal, state and/or local government.
    Continuity of Government, or COG is the main reason for government shelters.  The desire to have some portion of civil authority survive a nuclear war is understandable and one could argue critical for rebuilding the country after an attack.
    In Massachusetts the federal govern built a massive underground command center for the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  Built in the mid-sixties the underground facility was situated in Maynard, MA, approx. 20 miles from Boston . . . far enough reportedly so that it would survive an attack on Boston but close enough that people could get to it in a hurry.
    In 1963 President Kennedy stated the goal of having each of the fifty states provide for COG for the leaders of the state government and Massachusetts was the first state to build and staff an underground COG bunker . . . this one in Framingham which is still the home to the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency.
    Links to these two facilities, and others, can be found on the menu on the left.

One of the entrances to the FEMA bunker in Maynard, MA

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