N. Truro AFS

The ADC radar facility at North Truro AFS site was in operation long before South Truro was, and continued in operation long after.  North Truro is still in operation as a joint-use long-range radar site, maintained now by the FAA.  (The attending 762nd AC&W Squadron, later 762nd Radar Squadron {SAGE}, originally operated the 'Lashup' Radar site at Otis AFB before relocating to the 'Permanent' Radar site at North Truro.)

North Truro AFS also operated a Troposcatter Communications facility for two-way communications with Texas Tower No. 2 (TT-2).  The site operated another facility known as Airborne Long-Range Inputs (ALRI) for receiving radar data from EC-121H Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) aircraft.  (These EC-121H radar aircraft were based at Otis AFB for the northeast region.)  North Truro AFS, like most other ADC long-range radar stations in the SAGE system, operated a Ground-Air / Transmitter-Receiver (GATR) radio facility used to communicate with manned aircraft and BOMARC Model 'B' missiles.  

In the years 1964 through 1974, North Truro AFS also functioned as a NORAD Back-Up Intercept Control (BUIC) center.  In case the region SAGE direction center was ever knocked out of service, the North Truro AFS BUIC center would assume command & control for a section of that region.  North Truro AFS had the first operational BUIC-II system, and one of the first operational BUIC-III systems.  During its BUIC-III years, the 762nd Radar Squadron (SAGE) was upgraded to the 762nd Air Defense Group (SAGE).  After the BUIC-III mission at North Truro AFS ended in 1974, the unit reverted back to its Radar Squadron designation.  

North Truro AFS also operated two remote Gap-Filler radars in Massachusetts (and one other one up in New Hampshire).  One Gap-Filler Annex (GFA) was located on Martha's Vineyard, atop Peaked Hill near Chilmark.  Another GFA operated atop Fay Mtn. in Westboro.  Yet another GFA (actually assigned to a long-range radar site in NY known as Saratoga AFS) operated near the town of New Salem (it had a sister GFA radar site in Connecticut in what's now known as Above All State Park, near New Preston, CT).  North Truro AFS's GFA site in NH was at located at Rye Beach / Fort Dearborn.

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