Nike Missile Bases

"Atomic Bombs In The Back Yard"

Boston was surrounded by over a dozen Nike Missile Batteries.
  Each site has its own page accessible via the menu on the left.  We're always interested in recollections and stories from the veterans who served at New England Nike sites, please contact us at

The fact that these Nike sites were literally in peoples back yards in the fifties, sixties and into the seventies wasn't a secret.  What was kept confidential from the public was the fact that when the Nike missiles were upgraded from the Ajax model to the Hercules atomic warheads were added to many of the missiles so title of this page is indeed correct.

The images below are generic Nike images, not specifically from Massachusetts batteries.


James Curto:
I have been looking a long time for more information on the 739th AAA Missile Battallion Swansea site, I was a launch control operator "C" section 1956 to 1958 and I have some pictures that i would like to share. Hey Stanley W. Stec we were there at the same but I don't recall your name. It would sure be great to get in touch with some of the guys. Hey Stan were you with the crew when we went to Red Canyon New Mexico, I went down in the advance party to get the missiles ready for firing. I have a lot of GREAT memories of the 2 years at the base in Swansea and I surely hope that more guys sign to this site. Thanks, Jim Curto

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