Pease AFB

Looking at the entrance to the former nuclear Weapons Storage Area at Pease AFB.  Nuclear weapons were stored behind elaborate security systems during the Cold War.  The entire area was surrounded by four parallel rows of fencing with the middle fence electrified with lethal voltage.  High power lights and electronic intrusion detection systems were supplimented by guard towers and soldiers patrolling on foot with trained dogs. A large "counter assault" force stood ready 24/7 to repel any intruders.  The weapons themselves were secured in a number of different ways:  the riggers were stored seperately from the bombs themselves, combination locks were utilized where no one person had the combination and a "two man rule" was in effect at all times.

The curved objects in the above image are hangars for alert aircraft.  During the Cold War B-52 bombers and KC-135 tankers were be parked under these hangers while on alert duty.

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