Starmet Corp.

The largest defense contractor for DU penetrators is the Starmet Corp. (formerly Nuclear Metals) in Concord, Massachusetts. Uranium metal from depleted uranium hexafluoride is also produced at the site.

The company has been cited by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) many times for not analyzing soil, water, and air samples, for not posting radioactive signs, not surveying employee exposures, for contamination of buildings and personal property of employees, etc. Permits to bury radioactive waste in other states were revoked several times due to improper packaging, leaks and fires during transport, and high exposure to drivers [24].

Uranium dust contaminated the area around the plant and found its way into the groundwater. In October 1997, a $6.5 million cleanup of DU contamination at Starmet began, which will remove approximately 4,400 m3 of sludge and soil containing depleted uranium to the low-level radioactive waste dump in Clive, Utah [75].


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