Stonybrook WSA

Adjacent to Westover Air Force Base in Chicopee, MA was the Stonybrook nuclear weapons storage area (WSA).  The Air Force stopped using the area decades ago and the land is now used for such things as a prison and a power plant.

Photographing active WSAs is strictly prohibited but since there haven't been weapons at Stonybrook for decades security is minimal and photos are allowed.


Securing nuclear weapons is serious business.  The weapons bunkers were surrounded by no less than four fences.  The outer fences were alarmed . . . tripping the alarm resulted in giant flood lights being automatically turned on and any intruder would be turned away by a large rapid response force with attack dogs, automatic weapons and an armored personnel carrier.  Note that the fence in the middle of this picture is mounted on insulators . . . it was charged with a lethal electrical voltage.  The insulators sat on a 4' buried concrete wall to discourage anyone from trying to tunnel under the fence.

Storage igloos behind security fencing.

"Straddle Carrier" used to transport nuclear weapons.

Reportedly this is a nuclear weapon transport convoy entering the former nuclear weapons storage area at Stonybrook.

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