Texas Towers radar stations off the coast of MA

The on line authority on Texas Towers stationed off the coast of New England is The Air Defense Radar Veterans Association.  Their excellent website is available at  The photos below are representative of what they have on their site.

Texas Tower-2 was off the coast of Massachusetts.  The other two, TT-3 and TT-4, were off the coasts of Long Island, NY, and New Jersey, respectively, although one could claim that TT-3, southeast of Nantucket Island, was technically off the coast of MA, also.  The Tropo Comm site for TT-2 was at North Turo AFS, MA (mentioned elsewhere); the Tropo Comm site for TT-3 was at Montauk AFS, LI, NY; and the Tropo Comm site for TT-4 was at Highlands AFS, NJ.  Note that TT-1 and TT-5 were planned but were never built. 

Texas Towers Memories:

Victor Rioux:
I am a texas tower 2 vet. I served from Aug '60 to Mar '62 as a ANFST2 high speed digital data transmitter. At the texas tower assoc website one can download lots of info. I'm also a member. I am extremely proud of my tour of duty abored TT2 and I do greatly treasure the experience, especially the honor of serving with all my tower mates. I would appreciate hearing from any tower vet or interested persons. PRATI SUMUS!

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