WHYN Bomb Shelter

In the early sixties the federal government started a problem to harden certain radio stations to protect them from EMP.  They also provided emergency power generators and in some cases funded the construction of bomb shelters.

In Massachusetts, WHYN, Springfield and WHMP, Northampton both had bomb shelters.

Some radio stations in Connecticut also had bomb shelters:

WHYN bomb shelter dedicated in August, 1964 at 1300
Liberty St, Springfield, MA.


I remember the WHYN 'bomb shelter studio' too well. I was the overnight DJ when it went operational, and not all of us were pleased with longer run to the restroom it entailed. After a few days, management decided that there would NOT be an ashtray in the control room (it's that round dark thing on the desk under the 2nd microphone in the posted picture) and almost all of us smoked! In retaliation, the decorative fake orange tree just outside the studio began to be filled, and refilled with cigarette butts. Mike Millard Ft. Lauderdale

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